Dr. Nicole Taylor, Licensed Psychologist

Cultivating health and wellness through life's transitions

Services Offered

I offer individual and couples counseling to adults over age 18.  I also serve as a clinical supervisor and provide education and consultation services.

I have training in a variety of theoretical orientations and integrate those perspectives to provide an approach that works best for each individual client.  I help clients develop coping skills and strategies to deal with immediate issues while also exploring underlying patterns that may contribute to ongoing struggles.  I have a particular focus on helping people through health traumas like cancer with a supportive and warm approach.  I assist clients in exploring how contextual factors and interpersonal relationships contribute to their psychological and emotional symptoms.  I work to empower clients to aim for positive change, growth, and wellness in their lives.  Helping people find strength and meaning after a health trauma or loss is a primary goal for me.

I am available for daytime appointments.  If you are struggling with a transition in your life, please contact me to schedule a time to meet.  I am glad to answer any questions you may have about my background, the process of therapy, or whether we are the right match.

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